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Popcorn has been around a lot longer than cinemas or movie theatres where it’s mostly associated with. In fact it has links as far back at 3600BC.

It has come a long way since then and thankfully hasn’t been modified greatly. It is whole grain and is one of many varieties of corn.

A quick glance at it’s nutritional value:

  • Vitamin B1, B3 & B6
  • Iron
  • Magnesium
  • Phosphorus
  • Potassium
  • Zinc
  • Copper
  • Manganase

A 100 gram grams would give you around 13g protein, 78g carbs and 5g fat and an incredible 15g of fibre!

I recently got my hands on a lovely little popcorn making machine, this way its easier to make when those cravings turn up. It also reduces the need for adding extra oil at high temperatures.

For all of these recipes you can use a good organic butter, ghee or olive oil. Use sea or Himalayan salt so that you are getting the minerals. The herbs and spices are all dried but fresh may work…give it a go!

For the blitzing I use an electric coffee grinder or a mini blender.

The idea is to get all the flavours into the bowl as soon as that popcorn has popped so that the heat is working with you to coat the popcorn. 

Pretzel popcorn – blitz in a processor to make into a fine dusting and sprinkle over your popcorn. For extra spice add ginger or nutmeg. Melt butter and drizzle over the popcorn.

Maple popcorn – melt butter and maple syrup or honey, once your popcorn has popped drizzle over and toss so that its covered. Fancy a bit of depth add some cinnamon. 

Focaccia Popcorn – Rosemary, sea salt & Black pepper – blitz in a processor to get a nice fine dusting powder then drizzle olive oil over your popcorn (garlic flavour if you dare!) and then sprinkle the seasoning over the popcorn.

Cheesy Popcorn – Parmesan or nutritional yeast, sea salt & black pepper – drizzle olive oil over the popcorn and then sprinkle the parmesan and seasoning, toss in a bowl and serve.

Pizza popcorn – blitz dried basil, oregano, garlic powder, sea salt, black pepper you can also add dried chilli flakes for some heat. Once the popcorn has popped, put in a large bowl and sprinkle your pizza seasoning over the popcorn and drizzles with a little garlic or plain olive oil, toss well so that all the popcorn is coated. 

Smokey Popcorn – blitz celery salt, smoked paprika, turmeric powder and black pepper. Drizzle olive oil over the popcorn add the smokey seasoning and toss in a bowl and serve.

Do it if you dare Popcorn – matcha green tea, turmeric and cinnamon. Melt butter and drizzle over popcorn then sprinkle the seasoning over and toss it in a bowl. This one is for the more health conscious of us but surprisingly tastes good!

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