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A great therapy to have as part of your tool kit. Acupuncture is not only for physical conditions but also for emotional health. I have personally used Archna for both although admittedly my first encounter with her for acupuncture was for pain relief. This then led me to realise the immense benefit of using this wonderful treatment for stress and fatigue. Archna is a real professional in her field and is completely aligned on functional integrative medicine. If you are local to the London area I would really recommend booking in for a consultations with Archna. If you are out of the London scope you can still benefit from her expertise as she writes very informative and educational blogs.



Men's Health

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After working with some of my female clients I am often asked if I would consider working with their husband or partner. While I do embrace health with a wide angle, I also believe in referring on to a specialist. Michal is a great Nutrtional Therapist who has dedicated his clinical practice to all things mens health related. I have absoloute confidence that he will quickly develop a great rapport with his clients and work on building a healthier future for them. He does incredible work and is fast developing a reputation for his transformations.


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Childrens Health

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Needs it's own approach, as there is a considerable amount of additional considerations. For this reason I will always refer on to an expert in this field and my opinion one of the best in the business. Katherine is a Nutritional Therapist and Mum to three energetic boys. She has faced the hardships that mums often worry about when it comes to food and getting those key nutrients into their meals. Katherine is also keen to ensure that all other areas of childrens health is optimised. If you are looking at improving your little persons health I would highly recommend that you have a call with Katherine.


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Dr.Liz Leek

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I am very fortunate to have worked alongside and have collaborated with Dr.Liz. who is very passionate about the women that she works with.

Dr.Liz's ability to combine her NHS and functional medicine experience and relate this to the person sitting in front of her is what makes what she does a powerful approach. Whilst Dr.Liz is still a dedicated NHS GP she is also a busy mum to three thriving young girls.  I would always consider referring clients to Dr.Liz that need true integrated care of mainstream medicine and a holistic approach to improve their health.  Dr Liz has a good range of expertise from PCOS, Endometriosis to Menopause. If you feel that you would benefit from this approach I would recommend getting in touch with Dr.Liz at her clinic, you will be in good hands.



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Are not all created equally. It is for this reason I dedicate a lot of my research into  brands and understanding more about them and their processes. Be wary of the cheapest supplements and the bargain type buy one get one for a penny offers.  You have to question yourself if something is too good to be true it usually is. Clients often say that they can't tolerate a certain vitamin or mineral and what I have to work out if this is the case or is it the supplement they are using that has various excipients and consists of a low grade product.

For this reason I have my brand preferred list which also considers budget and will source these from two reputable supplement companies.


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