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Understanding your own DNA blueprint can really expand and enhance your approach to your health. Often we may try follow something someone else is doing that works for them but doesn't work for us. This is often because we are omitting the key fact that we are individuals and each of us has our own code. Even twins will have different genetic codes.  It is highly fascinating how unique and individual we are and genetic testing helps to understand this.

Nutrigenomic testing enables us to look in detail at our DNA, so we can understand our unique personal health ‘blueprint’. Small but important differences in our genetic make-up (‘SNPs’) can have significant impacts on our life and health - from hormones to heart, metabolism to mental health, and much more.

My preffered testing laboratory is LifeCode Lifecode Gx®  who offer a range of specialist nutrigenomics test panels which inform how nutrition and lifestyle factors impact our genetic potential, so we can make positive changes that align with our genes to optimise health and well being.

I enjoy using genetic DNA testing in a clinic setting as it is helps to unravel some of the clues to symptoms and health struggles. It is also a very cost effective test as your genetics will remain the same from birth to death so one test is all that you will need. Often other type of tests are only one snap shot in time whereas a genetic test is for life. From a preperation perspective it is non-invasive, a oral cheek swab is all that is need and does not need any pre-dietary, mediation or supplement restriction. The expected turnaround time is around three weeks.

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