Prioritise your health

This is our VIP programme, it is aimed at embracing and optimising your health. It's most beneficial if you feel that you want to;

  • Re-align your health goals
  • Address any recent health changes
  • Improve your current health

It will involve an initial consultation to better understand you and your current health. Your goals. Concerns and areas of focus. We will agree on a suitable avenue for clinical testing.

The results of your test will form the foundation of  your personal nutrition and supplement protocol for the following 4 - 6 months.

To ensure you are supported you will have regular sessions throughout  the programme. Each  phase will have a different focus to achieve your health goals.

This plan is most effective for working with longterm change and supporting chronic health related issues.


What is included 


1.5 hour consultation that will will include

  • In-depth understanding your current health status, medical history and any concerns or areas of focus
  • In-depth understanding your current diet, lifestyle and commitments
  • Goals &  desired outcomes
  • Recommendation on clinical testing requirements
  • Personalised nutrition & supplement plan aligned to your test results and health profile
  • Current medication and nutrients interaction evaluation if applicable

Four 45 min follow up consultations that will include:

  • Clinical test interpretation - walk through of the test results during first session
  • Understanding your progress and challenges through each phase of the programme
  • Phasing of your personalised nutrition plan to align with your progress
  • Recipes & menu plan  – that are tailor made for each phase of your plan
  • Maintenance programme at the final session
  • Discounted supplements with The Natural Dispensary & Amrita Nutrition

Keep in touch Service that will include:

  • Weekly calls between the follow up sessions
  • Email support
  • Annual check in