Integrated Functional Medicine combines a holistic approach to healthcare.  It addresses the body as a whole, interconnected organ rather than focusing on one area. It works to support mainstream medical treatments to help support health conditions. The integrative medical approach looks at the mental, emotional, social and environmental factors that could contribute to illness and incorporates diet, supplements and lifestyle changes to build a healthier future.


The How & Why

Why ? 

Our relationship with food is likely to be one of the most neglected relationships that we have.  Our evolution into the fast-paced world encourages us to adopt behaviours and choices that have long-term detrimental health consequences.  For many generations food has been about culture, family, celebration and nurturing.  Curently it is now about convenience and an instant lifestyle.

So, the challenge is accepting that we live in this fast paced world and finding a way that has your health as a priority.

Working with a nutritional therapist will enable you to achieve your vision of health and build an improved relationship with food, that is backed by research.


When you look at human physiology and biology you realise that we are walking chemistry at its best or worst. Every cellular response relies on the right molecules and chemical compounds being available.

Basic energy production relies on a complex cycle that involves several processes, enzymes, co-factors, chemical elements, vitamins and minerals.  It's easy to see that following a very traditional Western diet may bring some of these processes to a slow halt.  Nutrition looks at what part of your diet and lifestyle needs supporting to ensure that all the required elements are present to enable you to be functioning optimally.

On The Radar

Association of the Gut Microbiota with Cognitive Function in Midlife

By Jo Shearing | June 1, 2023

Great piece of recent research on how our gut impacts our cognitive function.  We already understand a lot more about the gut brain axis connection and if we are able to have gut permeability (leaky gut) then we are able to have brain barrier permeability. This confirms why for me as a practitioner it is…

WHO Warns Against Artificial Sugars for Weight Loss

By Jo Shearing | June 1, 2023

I am really pleased to see that there are steps being made in the right direction with regards to sugar substitutes. I don’t often layer in restrictions or remove food groups when working with dietary recommendations however the one stipulation I have is with diet and sugar replacement alternatives. We know that sugar isn’t the…

New Trial shows effect of Vitamin D3 supplements on development of advanced Cancer

By Jo Shearing | November 25, 2020

We hear it all the time and even more so recently how important Vit D is for our health. At the moment it is the spotlight for COVID-19, it’s good to see it mentioned in this recent clinical trial for cancer (Nov, 2020). Another health concern for many. If anything, this is a reminder that…



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