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Ask yourself.

What does healthy mean to you & what should healthy feel like?

How do you measure up to this? 


What are the obstacles stopping you from being your better version?

Time to make a change.


The How & Why

Why ? 

Our relationship with food is one of the most neglected relationships that we have. One of the main reasons for this is our evolution into the fast-paced world we all live in. For many generations food has been about culture, family, celebration and nurturing.  Sadly its has now become about convenience and habits.

So, the challenge lies in accepting that we live in this fast paced world and finding a way that has your health as a priority.

Working with a nutritional therapist will enable you to achieve yourvision of health and build an improved relationship with food, that is backed by research.


When you look at human physiology and biology you realise that we are walking chemistry at its best (or worst). Every cellur response relies on the right molecules and chemical compounds being available.

Basic energy production relies on a complex cycle that involves several processes, enzymes, co-factors, chemical elements, vitamins and minerals.  It's easy to see that following a very traditional Western diet may bring some of these processes to a slow halt.  Nutrition looks at what part of your diet and lifestyle needs supporting to ensure that all the required elemenets are present to enable you to be functioning optimally.



What are they and what they can do for you. Consultation and order process.


Nutrition Packages

Various packages that offer face to face and video call consultations.


About Jo

Why I do what I do, my areas of focus and my approach with clients