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I used to believe that being ill was only for the elderly and that your health deteriorated as you aged. Having health & vitatlity was an expectation of youth.

I was very wrong.

In my late teenage years I experienced how fragile our health can become and how limiting an illness can be. A day never passed when I didn't think to myself that we should be able to do more, we should be able to have some control over our own health. It wasnt until much later on in life that illness swept in again.

This time, I decided to do something about it.

I started studying Nutritional Therapy in London, which led me to become fully qualified healthcare professional allowing me to register with with the industry regulatory bodies BANT & CNHC.

This has helped me to seperate fact and fiction and to rely on research rather than oppinion. It has given me the confidence and understanding that science, biology and chemistry have an equally important role to play in sustaining your health. My aim is to support the changes we need to become our better selves and allow us to play a more active role in our own health.

During 2021 I have been fortunate enought to start supporting women through two well renowned and established UK  Clinics for Womes Hetalth. This has given me great experience in dealing with all things hormonal and much more. Working with a multidisciplinary team gives me invaluable insight and furthers my knowledge and experience. This allow me to implement this in my own clinic and know that my clients are benefiting from this approach.


Areas of Focus

Jo is a fully qualified Nutritionist who focuses on all things hormonal. She does this by suppporting her clients to feel their absoloute best allowing them to focus on their lives and not on their health limitations. Putting her clients back in control of their health.

Hormones have a hugely important role in our bodies from regulating our metabolism, temperature, fertility, skin, sleep, hair growth, mood, digestion, hunger, blood pressure, insulin, growth, detoxification and reproduction.

Women have a slightly more challenging time when it comes to hormonal health but that doesn't mean it's impossible to work with, it just means they need to induldge in themselves a bit more.

Men also need hormonal support, especially those that are challenged with a high stress lifestyle. Cortisol can rapidly move from friend to foe.

My other area of focus is our wonderful gastrointestinal system (GIT), while this probably doesn't grab everyone's attention it has become one of my key interests. Everything begins in the GIT. I coud repeat this all day every day and still people don't realise the importance of this. Gastrointestinal health is not only about the common issues we all know about such as bloating, discomfort, reflux or other general stomach complaints. Our hormones, neutrotransmitters, immune system, liver health and brain health are all directly linked to our GIT.

The Approach

The approach is about you.

Your body should work as one efficient unit and when an area of your body is experiencing some distress, the effects are felt throughout. Science has shown the link between the gut and brain axis, many years ago this seemed like lunacy. It is now accepted that many of the systems of the body are linked.

The approach would be to map out all your systems that will then provide the connections and allow you to have a comprehensive understanding of your health.

​This methodology provides the direction that is needed to support and focus your health goals.

My Philosophy

Invest in how you fuel your body and you are bringing a whole new dynamic to yourself.

One of my first realisations was that disease is not the problem, it is the environment that we bathe our cells in that is the problem. From this understanding, I knew I could make better choices. Illness and ageing are inevitable, but we can be better equiped to deal with them.


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