Fertility & Pre-Conception

Creating a whole new life and a healthy human being should be as best planned as possible. Understandably, there are times when this is not always the planned way. For others it seems that it is a more difficult journey. There are a few reasons why couples should start to assess their lifestyle, health, environment and habbits.

Would you run a marathon without doing the necessary endurance training or understand how to eat for energy optimisation? No.

The same rule should apply for pre-conception.

Women put their body through several months of change, adaption and growth, often neglecting to  focus on their health.

Biologically during a women’s reproductive life-time about 400 follicles will mature & ovulate.  The key part about the follicle is that whilst they rapidly mature during the final stages of the monthly cycle, around 14 days, prior to this the follicle growth from the  primordial stage to full maturity takes about a year.
This means that a follicle that ovulates started its growth to maturity 10-12 ovarian cycles ( months) earlier.

This is one of the main reasons to start your planning as early as possible to optimise the health of the folicle.